1)The symptoms for easy shift problems are as follows:

2)The boat kills when shifted into gear.

3)The boat has no neutral, when you try to shift to neutral it fights you and passes from fwd to rev or rev to fwd.

4)#2 is a symptom of a sticking shift cable or a sticking shift arm and roller on the upper shift shaft.

5)The mere fact that it is killing the engine proves that the switch is good, it is working at the wrong time(going in gear).

6)The purpose of the switch is to kill the engine for a fraction of a second to release the gears.

7)The gears in the outdrive are undercut so once together they stick together if their is a prop load(in the water)

8)When the forward cable tries to move the lower shift cable it fights the action and is felt as a resistance on the shift handle.

9)Pressure on the lower shift cable shifts the arm that trips the easy shift switch, thus the engine starts to die.

10)One second later during the lapse in h.p. the gears let go, then the switch resets and the engine regains power.

11)The whole process takes only a second and the engine recovers with only a hesitation, which you hear(whooomp)

12)To test the switch first you jump across the wires going to the switch, if engine dies the circuit is good.

13)Now test if the switch will kill the engine, Press the arm of the switch and roller inward, engine dies if switch is good.

14)Now test when the switch kills the engine, Press the shift actuating arm to either side, roller rises up engine dies.

15)It is important where the switch starts. It should kill when the roller is 1/8" out of the valley of the arm.

16)If it trips lower it will trip at the wrong time , If it goes too high it won't work.

17)To adjust the position of the killing switch slightly bend the roller arm. In makes it kill earlier-out later. Retest.

18)It is important that the cables do not restrict the shift process, be sure the barrell under the cotter pin is free.

19)Be sure the three nuts that hold the cables down are not tight, just past the lock on the nuts,

20)Be sure the spring loaded plate that trips the switch if free and center springloaded.

21)If the plate is free to move and spring back to the center and the switch trips at 1/8" idle under 1000rpm , It will Shift.