1) Select the widest set which will fit in the free space on your transom, size does not change price much.

2) If space limitations restrict width, some tabs come in 11" length.

3) Remove the tabs from the box and position them between the groves on the hull, " above bottom edge.

4) Use a drill as large as the core of the mounting screws for the mounting. Drill two outside holes and install

outer screws temporarily without sealant.  While the outer screws hold the tab install the inner screws using sealant.

5) Remove the end screws and replace using sealant.

6) Install rams on the plates and slide the rams up the transom until rear of plates are 1" above a straight edge held under the plate then screw top of ram to transom at that point for height, using sealant on the screws.

7) Drill the holes for the trim hoses just a few inches above the rams and straight up after checking for clearance inside boat transom, if this location causes a problem with things inside the boat go higher or sideways slightly to have a clear spot to come through the boat.

8) Locate and install hose cover trim. Install pump on transom, in convenient location, run wire from panel and plug in.

  1. Drill hole and install switches. Cut and attach wires using color code.
  2. Use these hints as addition to factory instructions.