1)start with outdrive half tilted up, and shift in forward gear.
2)remove the plastic cover for anode bolt.
3)remove anode with allen wrench-size 5/16 or 3/8.
4)remove 5/16 allen bolt below anode.
6)remove the 5/8 mut on leading edge of drive facing up.
******plug oil hole in top half so oil will not drain out*******

kit #  im1811 to repair.
7)check to see if the copper water tube stayed in upper drive, put it back.
8)check if the plastic tube stayed in water pump, if not check copper tube.
9)check for 'o' ring (quad ring) where the oil passes from top to bottom.
10)remove nuts that retain w/p top.
11)pry top up and off drive shaft.
12)lift impeller up and off of shaft. watch for key that turns impeller.
13)remove plate and gaskets below impeller.
14)if pump was run without water the cone below the plate must be replaced, if not the seals and 'o' rings
15)if guide tube is distorted it mustbe replaced.
16)clean the area below the pump components..
17)replace the cone or its rings and check seals in cone.
18)if the cone is melted on the top it must be changed because it supports the plate.
19)place the new plate with gaskets over the shaft large,gasket hole toward top (impeller side).
20)slide lubricated impeller down shaft over key replaced in slot.
21)slide top down shaft, turn shaft while pressing top over impeller.
22)replace bolts do not overtighten, replace  sq ring, and plastic tube w two 'o' rings.
23)check that rubber seal that asccepts the copper tube is in place in top plastic adapter.
24)turn shift shaft in front of drive cw while the prop turns ccw to stop(fwd gear)
******check for 'o' ring on the oil passage brtween parts******
25)carefully lift drive back up, line up coper tube into plastic tube
26)line up studs and lift gently, this is where the shifting must be alligned.
27)as soon as the shaft connector for the shift shaft reaches the shaft  above allign it
28)the shaft must face fwd towardthe boat as the prop rotates to stop ccw.
29)if point of  is not forward when turned repeat #28.
30)force the prop ccw to turn drive shaft as drive lifts till splines on drive fall in.
31)be sure the allen bolt for anode trim tab is in place,remove the plug you put in oil hole.
32)start the  5/8 bolt on forward edge to support the drive.
33)rotate the prop back and forth while shifting to check for-nu-rev shifting.
34)replace the four nuts and bolts and tighten, if shifting is wrong go back to #27.
35)replace 5/16 allen bolt and replace trim tab anode faceing toward slightly left.
36)check oil install from bottom until it comes out of top hole.
37)check for leaks.
38)tomorrow check oil and leaks
39)check oil next few trips.